January 3, 2012
BREAKING NEWS: Renewed Fighting in Pateros, Taguig, and Silang

Jan. 3, 1897. 1:50PM

Manila, Philippines - Reports from Pateros, Taguig, and Silang indicate that pitched battles have been fought between Spanish troops and Revolutionary forces. These come on the heals of reports that an unofficial ceasefire is being observed in Cavite.

In Pateros and Taguig revolutionary forces under the command of General Emilio Aguinaldo, Pio del Pilar, and Mariano Noriel were defeated by Spanish troops. This was the final battle in a series of skirmishes that began four days ago. On December 31, 1896, after a plea for assistance from existing rebellious elements in Pateros, Aguinaldo marched across land and engaged Spanish loyalists, catching them by surprise, and successfully forcing a surrender. By the evening of December 31, Pateros was under rebel control. Analysts say these two towns are considered of some strategic importance since they control trade along the Pasig River flowing into and out of Laguna.

Beginning on January 1 and extending through January 2, Spanish relief troops have engaged in minor skirmishes in an attempt to probe rebel positions. Earlier today a largecontingent of Spanish troops from Laguna arrived in Pateros and forced Aguinaldo’s withdrawal.

Reports are filtering in that east of Silang, in Las PInas and Dasmarinas, revolutionary forces have attacked Spanish fortified strongholds. These strongholds were established during former Governor-General Ramon Blanco’s campaigns. Their purpose was to a base of operations to launch counter-attacks into rebel held Silang. The rebel attacks were successfully repulsed by Spanish forces.

Correspondents in Laguna, Cavite and writer O.D. Corpuz contributed to this report.

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